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What is an Occupational Therapist

Recently, “what is an occupational therapist?” We often hear the question. This treatment method, which is gaining importance gradually, aims to make people have a much healthier structure.

Occupational therapists are a treatment approach that seeks to positively affect a patient’s disorders through selected activities. This form of therapy was formerly called occupational therapy. The goal is to regain or maintain daily skills. In patients with dementia, OT therapy can delay the need for care in the early stages, maintain independence longer, and thus delay at least admission to a nursing home.

Occupational therapy Canada is one of the best treatment centers in this field. Fully trained specialists create a treatment plan specifically for their patients and cure them under their supervision. Occupational therapist can change these plans according to the patients’ conditions. For this reason, it is a very important factor for patients to be treated with a specialist.

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Occupational Therapy Definition

Occupational therapy definition has a broad meaning in general. Persons who restore or compensate for impaired or lost functions of the musculoskeletal system through the implementation of activities directed and supported from the domestic or professional field.

Who Is Occupational Therapy For?

The target groups of occupational therapy treatment are adults and elderly residents who:

  • Psychotic, neurotic and psychosomatic disorders
  • Personality disorders
  • Addictions
  • Dementia diseases.

At occupational therapy BC, we support patients to improve on:

  • Weaknesses in emotional, cognitive and sensorimotor areas
  • Their individual abilities to perceive and express themselves,
  • as well as contact and communication skills
  • reintegration into the living and working space.

As an answer to the question “what do occupational therapists do“, the following practices are generally applied to patients in this profession:

  • Cook and cook
  • Crafts, paint
  • Listening to music, making music, singing,
  • Board and card games,
  • Walks and excursions,
  • Movement exercises and dance in the group,
  • Attending cultural events and church services,
  • Read and read aloud,
  • View photo albums

and more…

What Does Occupational Therapist Do?

It is known that patients recover in a short time with OT therapy. So, what does an occupational therapist do?

Occupational therapy includes a variety of treatment measures that are also suitable for all people with dementia. Similar to “creative” methods of treatment, the patient is addressed on a nonverbal and non-cognitive level, that is, an attempt is made to reach him through physical sensations and feelings.

Occupational therapist meaning means a treatment method without surgical interventions. The therapy, which gives confidence to many people with this feature, is applied in our center in Richmond BC.

Methodologically, occupational therapy assessment progresses through the following stages: First a diagnosis is made and then an individual treatment plan is prepared. Therapeutic measures are carried out accordingly. Techniques include fun, manual and creative activities. It is essential to give advice to the patient and their relatives during therapy. This includes living space and environmental compatibility and family counseling.

What does an occupational therapist do in Canada? You are wondering the question. Occupational therapists apply these stages to their patients.

Occupational Therapists Richmond

Occupational therapy Richmond is the center where many such applications are made. Located in Richmond BC, this treatment center takes special care of all patients and ensures the best results. You can get more information about “what is occupational therapy” question by contacting us.

Occupational therapists accompany people of all ages who have difficulties in daily work due to illness, disability or old age. The aim of occupational therapy is to encourage and increase the independence of affected people so that they can re-manage their daily lives as independently as possible.

In the context of rehabilitation, that is, in the context of reintegration after illness and accidents, occupational therapy together with physiotherapy is one of the most important remedies. Remedies are external treatments that a doctor can recommend for the treatment of certain diseases. Occupational therapy is an active treatment method in which the patient acts on his own, primarily under his guidance. In contrast to physiotherapy, specific individual movement instructions are given according to the relevant disability and age, through manual and creative work, which can be used to compensate for motor, sensory and perceptual impairments.

Accordingly, besides physiotherapy and speech therapy, occupational therapy is one of the most important improvement measures in rehabilitation.

Occupational therapy Richmond, located in Richmond BC, is the treatment center that best fits these definitions. With its competent specialists and tolerant employees, it always provides good service to its patients and tries to solve the problems of patients as soon as possible.

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