Canadian Association of Nuclear Medicine (CANM) Guidelines for Brain Perfusion SPECT

Brain injury survivors may benefit from the Canadian Association of Nuclear Medicine (CANM)’s recent adoption, ratification and endorsement of the Guidelines for Brain Perfusion Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT). These guidelines aim to help Canadian nuclear medicine practitioners and clinicians when making recommendations, assessing, performing, processing, interpreting, and reporting the results of brain perfusion SPECT scan.

SPECT scans are beneficial to brain injury survivors as they assist in diagnosing TBI’s sooner. This development has the potential to reduce the stigma and uncertainty surrounding the nature of such injuries, as the test identifies brain damage rather than dismissing its symptoms as imagined or invisible. With SPECT showing positive findings of brain injury, recognition follows, which may result in earlier access to accident benefits for catastrophic injuries or fair compensation in the event of a motor vehicle accident. Funding for treatment has the potential to address the devastating impact of loss of brain function if survivors can get the rehabilitation and care they need.  

iScope’s very own nuclear medicine specialists, Dr. Phil Cohen and Dr. Rob Tarzwell, in addition to our co-founder and neurologist, Dr. Manu Mehdiratta, were among the authors of this publication. With the exception of the 2018 Procedure Guidelines of the European Society of Nuclear Medicine, the CANM’s new guidelines marks the first update on the use of SPECT scan since 2009. The development of the new guidelines was informed by the 2009 guidelines of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine Neuroimaging Committee. The new update also drew from recent publications on the use of brain perfusion scintigraphy in brain trauma, neuropsychiatry and inflammation, and from new available instrumentation.

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