Vision Therapy & Optometry

Our therapists assess and treat any vision problem to aid in your recovery journey.

Many lingering concussion symptoms may stem from vision problems affecting the individual, for example, headaches, dizziness, light sensitivity, blurred/double vision when reading and a decreased ability to concentrate. Our vision specialists will complete multiple diagnostic exams to and design an individualized treatment plan that is best suited for you.

Vision Problems Following Concussion

Vision comprises many skills, including eye coordination, focus, peripheral vision (side vision), colour vision, visual attention. The symptoms of vision problems don’t always appear to be vision problems, so the patient and the medical specialists may not spot the problem.

Examples of symptoms that don’t appear to be obviously vision-related are:

    • headaches in forehead or temple

    • being overwhelmed in visually stimulating environments

    • schoolwork or computer work takes hours longer than it used to

    • problems with coordination (tripping/stumbling and poor eye-hand coordination)

    • becoming fatigued with reading

Can I use my health insurance plan?

Yes. All of our therapists are licensed physiotherapists which most major health insurance providers cover. Please check with your insurance provider to see if a doctor’s referral letter is required before you book your session.

Refer a Patient

Iscope is currently accepting new patients. A referral from your primary care physician or specialist is required for consultations covered by your provincial plan. If you require rehabilitation services a referral is not required.


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Are You Registered Patient

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