Our Services

Treatment services for concussion and traumatic brain injury


We Treat All 4 Aspects Of Concussion: Physical, Cognitive, Emotional And Sleep With Neurologists And A Multidisciplinary Team Focused On Brain Injury.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists are trained to analyze your ability to participate in all activities of daily living.


Neuro physiotherapy is a type of therapeutic intervention that aims at treating patients who suffer from disorders that are neurological in nature.

Social Work

Social workers play multiple roles in the field of TBI. These encompass the provision of client and/or family education and much more.

Rehabilitation Assistants

Rehabilitation assistants allow for consistent implementation of functional programming while assisting the treatment team to gather pertinent data and observations around how the client is functioning and coping with their injury.

Speech and Language Pathology

Interdisciplinary collaboration and teaming also form an integral part of audiology services to individuals with TBI.

Enhanced Attendant Care

Enhanced attendant care is needed when an individual requires a front-line support that has specific set of skills, experience and/or background directly related to the individual’s injuries.


Concussion has been associated with depression, anxiety and other psychiatric symptoms. We have psychiatrists and clinical counsellors as part of our team to assist with the care of our patients.

Botox™ for Chronic Migraine and Spasticity

Migraines are associated with concussion. Your iScope health care provider may suggest botox or other headaches medications to help prevent the headache before it starts. For more information on botox visit botoxchronicmigraine.com.

Image Guided Chronic Pain Injections

Using X-ray guidance, physicians at iScope are able to assist with pain injections for neck, back and musculoskeletal pain.

In Home Sleep Studies

In home sleep studies can be useful to screen for sleep apnea and other other sleep disorders which are commonly seen in patients with concussion and chronic pain. You may benefit from an in home sleep study and subsequent referral to an iScope sleep physician.

Nerve Conduction/EMG studies for nerve related disorders

Electromyography (EMG) is used to assess the health of nerves and muscles. It is a procedure performed by a specialist to help with diagnosis and treatment of spine, nerve root, peripheral nerve and muscle disorders.

Physiatry (rehabilitation medicine)

Physiatrists are medical doctors that specialize in the rehabilitation of brain, spinal cord, nerve and muscle disorders. They also help with diagnosis and management of chronic and musculoskeletal pain disorders. We have physiatrists at iScope that work all members of the team to assist with recovery of concussion and pain conditions.