Iron Deficiency - Iron Infusion - IV Therapy

At Iscope Clinics, we offer a wide range of medical IV deficiency infusion therapies to help you regain your energy and feel your best. Our experienced team of experts is here to help you boost your immunity, improve athletic performance, or simply feel more energized.

Iron Infusions

Iscope has become synonymous with expertise, safety and efficiency when it comes to iron infusions in the Lower Mainland.

Iron deficiency can be caused by a variety of conditions including pregnancy, heavy or irregular menstrual cycles, GI illness, cardiac and renal issues, cancer and more.

Speak to your healthcare provider to see if iron infusions may be helpful for you. Treatment can begin within one week.

All of our infusions are administered by ER trained Registered Nurses with Emergency Physician guidance and supervision.

Iron Infusions
Recovery Infusions

Recovery Infusions

We have all been guilty of normalizing exhaustion, but what if there is an underlying reason why you aren't feeling your best?

A true deficiency can be serious and can affect your quality of life. Whether you are recovering from a race, getting back on your feet after an illness, fighting jet-lag or giving your body an immune system boost, Iscope is here to help you feel better.

We provide tailor-made, IV treatment for individuals and groups. Give your body the care it deserves.

Other Medical Infusions

Iscope administers biologics, bisphosphonates, steroids and other medical infusions.

Each infusion is run by ER Registered Nurses and overseen by an ER Physician. All clinical staff have active Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification and are trained to work with your referring physician, midwife or specialist to administer the correct medical IV therapy to address your health challenge.

Our clinic was founded based on a need – to help clients feel better by restoring vital nutrients essential to health and wellbeing.

Other Medical Infusions

Patient safety

Our clinic is run according to the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons Class 3 Facility Safety and Equipment guidelines.

All clinical staff have active Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification and years of experience working in urban emergency departments.

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